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Zach Michael For Mayor Cheraw


for Mayor of Cheraw

Zach Michael Mayor Cheraw


Ready to

Zach is a fearless champion for small towns like Cheraw.


As a former advisor and aide to two mayors, a former federal government official, and an industry leader, he has gained the tools necessary for successful collaborative leadership.


Zach is committed to streamlining city communications, facilitating innovation, boosting economic growth and protecting Cheraw citizens.



Mayor Andy Ingram

Congressman Russell Fry

Steevenson Pierre

 Lt. Governor André Bauer

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis


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& Policies

Positive Policies over Divisive Partisanship:

  • Prioritize principled collaboration and leadership over partisan politics

  • Focus on growth and safety for all residents

  • Promote unity and teamwork in all endeavors for maximum success

Community Safety:

  • Prioritize safety and wellness for all citizens and businesses

  • Support and enhance local safety services by protecting funding and resources

  • Invest in infrastructure and emergency programs for all neighborhoods

Economic Growth and Innovation:

  • Facilitate local entrepreneurship to expand business and industry 

  • Pursue corporate relocation opportunities to make Cheraw nationally and globally competitive

  • Promote practical training programs in local schools and the technical college

  • Invest in students and young professionals to prepare them for success 

  • Work with the council and committees to prioritize related funding and resources

Cheraw Health and Beauty:

  • Work with local organizations, the council, and committees to prioritize beautification and preservation

  • Improve, update, and protect parks and green spaces, including our town’s entry ways and historic district

  • Expand public access to recreational spaces to foster health and a sense of community




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